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The Money-Eaters

Lando's innovative design for the TSAVO Man-Eaters Motel, inspired by John H. Patterson's 1907 novel "The Man Eaters of Tsavo", was abandoned in mid-construction in the 1970s. 'Ghost Directors' had plundered the funds.
Braz adds a uniquely Goan point of view to a story that is like my own. He was born in Kenya, so was I. He went to school there but went to Goa for some of his schooling. I went to England for a fair chunk of mine. There are many similarities. However, I was born into a privileged, white society that imposed a distinct racial segregation in Kenya (and other parts of the Empire/Commonwealth). Braz provides another perspective into that racially divided society. The books are very well worth reading. I recommend them to you all.
John Welford

Braz Menezes The Author

Braz Menezes was born in British-ruled Kenya to parents from Goa, India (then Portuguese India). He decided to chronicle his experience of living through the last fifty years of Imperial power in the Portuguese and British Empires, in the Matata Series.
Braz Menezes - The Author

Matata Books

Tsavo The Money-Eaters – Book 5
Soul Searching in the Seychelles – Book 4
Among the Jacaranda – Book 3
More Matata – Book 2
Beyond the Cape – Book 1
Braz Menezes’ stories also stirred up some of the most painful and not so happy memories of the ‘colour-bar’
Tony Dias
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